• 4K HD Camera
  • GPS Position Hover
  • 5G HD image Transmission
  • 1000 Meter Distance
  • 7 Strong Wind Resistance
  • Intelligence Follow
  • Surrounding Flight
  • GPS Intelligent Return
  • Out of control or Lower battery Auto return
  • 30 Mins Flying
  • Custom Navigation Points
Strong Performance
Ranger Plus packs a ton of power.
Power, Range, Battery.
Show that gust of wind who's boss.
7 Strong Wind Resistance
Fly easily in 17-20MPH wind, and hover perfectly steady in the elements with AI-enhanced stable hovering.
Epic Aerial Camera Shots
Smooth 4K Videos
4K HQ Image for film use mechanical pan tilt for blur reduction
GPS Positioning return
Easy to control, Safe flight
Flying you dream, You best choice.
Fold Size 190 x 100 x 90mm
Official custom storage box
So easy to carry the suitcase
  • Strong performance
  • The drone can be flying on the night
  • Easy to carry to the suitcase
  • Instant Live-Feed