About Us

Our mission is to give everyday people the power at their fingertips to create their own adventure with a well-designed, functional drone that allows them to visually pilot their destination at an affordable price!

Here at BSD Drone, we have experienced many of the same challenges. We have flown low-end to high-end professional drones and realized that there are a few affordable drones that offer you quality. In the wake of our experience, BSD Drone was created!

BSD Drone supplies you a top-tier drone at an affordable price. As Al and drones seems to grow, we too will grow to supply you what you are looking for in a drone. Drone flight is ever changing with our customers holding tight at the control!!

Here at BSD Drone, we value our customers and their opinion! We will continue to work hard to bring you the best quality possible at the best price. We know that it helps to be able to enjoy your drone without overpaying. Flight is a way of the future and we at BSD Drone look forward to you taking yours with us!! Drone ON